How to be free from worries? The Best Solution.

How to be free from worries? The Best Solution.

Worries. We are often accosted by Worries. We ask ourselves these questions : How can I be free from worries? How do I overcome worries? How can I avoid getting consumed by worries?

Well, you are not alone. Worrying is something that everyone has in common. Some may do more worrying, some less, but everyone worries some time or other  finds it very difficult when worry strikes.

So what is the solution to this Worry Problem. Let me get straight to the point. 

There are many solutions to deal wih the worry problem, but I would like to offer you here the Best of those solutions that will once and for all set you free from worries in general.

The Best Solution to your Worry Problem is once and for all eliminate the root cause of all your worries. And the root cause of all your worries is, bearing all the burden of your actions, duties, responsibilities on yourself. Not only that, you also bear the burden of the results of your actions. You can relieve yourself of all this burden and all its worries if you do this. Recognize that a Higher Power exists and Surrender all your burden to that Mysterious Power. How do you know that such a Power exists ? Isn’t there a Power that governs and manages the Sun, the Moon, the Universe and the zillions of people in it? You may call it Nature, or you may call it God. But that Power that takes of all this and all the people, won’t it take care of you? Why should you, instead of surrendering all your actions and the results to this Higher Power, take all the burden of every action and its result on yourself? I mean what do you gain by it?

The main reason for your unwillingness to surrender to the Higher Power is because you think that you are doing everything. The truth is things, just happen in everybody’s life as they are meant to happen. But your ego comes up and tells you that you are responsible for everything and that you should worry about it.  That is not true. You don’t have to worry about anything. You certainly have to face the world and its problems that appear to you. But you need not worry about it.

The truth is, things happen by themselves. For example, do you recall how sometimes you don’t have even think about something, but you find that it is finished. Like You may be driving, and you may be taking an exit, you may be making turns and reach home, and all without being really conscious of it. This is a proof that things happen by themselves. Problems happen. Solutions happen. You think you are doing it, but in fact, things are done by you according to a pre-determined plan.  If you accept this position, you can be free from worries. If you don’t, you will be entangled in your worries.

You may ask, how do I deal with my worries? You have remind yourself constantly that worry does not change anything. Every time you are attacked by worry, you should remember to turn away from it. Shift you focus on doing some creative. Engage yourself in a fun activity that you like. Just do what you have to do and don’t worry about what the results might be. You have to consciously practice this every time you are worried.

You may ask now, then how should I live my life ? The way you should live is, when a problem occurs, or you have perform your duties, figure out how to solve the problem, do what you have to do, perform your duties the best way you can, but surrender all your actions and their results to the Higher Power. Sages and great Masters say that if you Surrender to a Higher Power, it will take over the responsibilities of all your actions and all their results. If you do this, you will feel relieved and refreshed. You will no longer be consumed with worries. You will lead life with zeal and joy. You will act like an actor playing a part in a movie without attachment to your actions or their results. In fact, Sages say that Surrendering your mind to a Higher Power can even change your bad destiny for the better. Remember, God works in mysterious ways.  What may seem unpleasant to you now may be actually happening for your own good.

Therefore, I am telling you, Surrender to the Higher Power in your mind. Ask for its Help. Gradually you will find that things that happen in your life will not affect you at all. They will go on by themselves. This way, You can let the driver of the bus or engineer of the train or the pilot of the plane or the captain of the ship take care of running the vehicle, while you comfortably travel as a passenger, happily and peacefully, enjoying the scenes passing by.

If you are not well, and the doctor prescribes you a medicine, your illness will not be cured just by listening to the doctor’s advice, or looking at the medicine twice a day. You have to take the medicine and let it absorb in your body. The same way, listening to what I said is good, but that will be of no use to you if you don’t try and practice it in your life. So, the smart and wise thing to do is to ponder deeply about what I have said here and start practicing it every chance you get. After all, you won’t lose anything except all your worries, but you may gain a lot of happiness and peace of mind.

So don’t worry, be happy. Live cheerfully, leaving all you worries to the Higher Power. Things will work out. Believe me, they always do.




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