Don’t listen to negative criticism

Don't listen to negative criticism (Article)

Don’t listen to negative criticism

It’s really very simple. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are bad. It does not really matter what others think of you. What matters is what you think of yourself. Evaluate yourself. See if there is anything bad, and correct it because it is good for you, and not just to please others.

Don’t let anyone offer you negative criticism, that is, comments that will not help you in any way. But in fact, they might hinder your wellbeing and happiness. If someone’s comments put you down, or makes you feel less than what you are, or discourages you from being happy and productive, then this is negative criticism. If these comments attack your personality, makes you degrade yourself and feel diffident and weak, it is negative criticism.

Words of wisdom, good advice, constructive criticism and so on, can come from those who care about us and genuinely want to help us. That is great. We should always listen to productive suggestions and self-improving comments from others. Because they might give us an objective perspective of ourselves so that we can improve ourselves without feeling bad about it. On the contrary, negative comments should be disregarded no matter who it comes from, or how close they are to you, because they don’t help you in any way. 

Don’t listen to negative criticism. Gradually figure out who offers positive advice and who doesn’t. Avoid those who make you feel bad and keep the company of those who make you feel good inside.

Take care.

Don't listen to negative criticism


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