Giving into others is not weakness but strength of mind

Giving into others is not weakness but strength of mind

Giving into others is strength of mind


Giving into others is not weakness but strength of mind. 

Giving in to others…Is it a sign of weakness? Does it mean that you are not mentally strong?

Giving into someone else’s wish has become a lost art. People think that they are weak if they give into someone. When forced, this is true.

But when willingly done, it can give happiness and peace of mind.

Putting others before us or sacrificing our desire to please someone else once in a while is not a sign of weakness. 

It is actually a sign of self-adequacy, strength of mind and willingness to make relationships work.

First of all, when I say Giving in to other people’s wishes or ideas, I am talking about people close you, either your immediate family or  a close friend, and who are good, sensible people, and who love you or care about you in general. 

Let me give you some examples of giving in voluntarily. Let’s say you had it all planned in your mind to have a sandwich for lunch. But then you spouse or friend close to you may say, “You know I would very much like to have pasta today. Is it okay?” Another example is, you may want really spicy food for dinner, but then this person with you may say, “I have a severe heart burn today. It would be really nice if you reduce the spice in the food for dinner.” Or you may want to go to the beach, whereas they may want go somewhere else. 

These are simple examples. But they happen quite often. But whatever the issue might be, you have two options. Either you can say, “Sorry, this is the way I like it, and this is the way it should be done!”, Or you can give in and say, “Okay, what I want is no big deal. It’s alright. This time we will do what you want.”

Having your own way may make you feel powerful and self-satisfied for the time being, but giving in to other people’s wishes will give you a lasting sense of happiness and peace. You will feel good about yourself for being kind to others. And the feeling of relief on the other person’s face too will gladden you.Giving in to other people’s wishes, especially those whom you love, is not a sign of weakness, but it a sign of strength and self-adequacy and also a willingness to make relationships work.

Going along according to other people’s wishes is also spiritually beneficial. When you resist your ego to be selfish, and give in to the needs and wishes of other people, your mind becomes purer and quieter. This creates happiness and peace in the mind.

As I said before,  I am not saying that you should give in to others all the time, especially when the other person never gives in to your wishes that much. Definitely, you have to be smart and wise and make decisions according to the nature of the other person. All I am saying is that, when the other person is usually a sensible, good person who doesn’t misuse your kindness, it is rewarding and gratifying to be kind to that person and give in once in a while. But you should not let anyone take advantage of your kindness and do what they want every single time without any consideration for your feelings and ideas. Because your own ideas may be better for both of you.

Putting aside you own wishes in order to give in to someone else’s wishes is not a sign of weakness. It is actually a sign of strength and self adequacy. Only those who feel inadequate will be afraid to give in to the reasonable wishes of others, especially those whom they love. By the way, others may not truly appreciate your kindness, but still giving in to others’ wishes is worth it, because it will be greatly beneficial to you in many tangible and intangible ways. 


Giving into others is strength of mind




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