Image Is Everything??? No!! Mental Outlook Is Everything.

Image Is Everything??? No!! Mental Outlook Is Everything.



There is a popular saying, which is “Image is everything.” What it means is that the way one looks or presents oneself is the key to success in life. This may be true to some extent in a shallow, superficial manner. But for real success and happiness in life, “Image” is not everything, but this other thing is. And that is Attitude or Mental Outlook. So I truly believe and emphatically say that “Attitude is Everything”. 

The word Attitude is sometimes used to mean, to behave somewhat arrogantly or disrepectfully. That is not the Attitude I am talking about here. The Attitude or Mental Outlook that I am talking about is a persons’s settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, that is reflected in that person’s behavior. Attitude is also the way one reacts to events that happen in their life. Let me explain.

There are so many things and events that one sees in the world. But many times, the same thing or event or person is seen differently by different people. A person may love people belonging to a certain race or color or religion, but may hate other types of people. A particular thing or event, causes joy in one person, but produces misery for another person. In addition to that, sometimes the same thing or event or person that made someone happy at one time, generates misery at another time. Most of the divorces and break ups and fights among people are because of this reason. 

So, What does this mean? It means that each thing and event in life is seen according to the mind of a particular person at a particular time. It shows that it is the mind that determines whether some thing, event  or person is agreeable or disagreeable, pleasant or unpleasant, happy or miserable. A thing and person may be the same as before, but the mind that sees them now thinks about them differently. 

And the condition of the mind that considers a thing, person or event acceptable or unacceptable is largely influenced by its Attitude. Attitude is mainly based on one’s deep mental tendencies, but Attitude can be changed by wisdom. Attitude absolutely determines one’s happiness or misery. To put it simply, Attitude is the way you see the world. That is why I say Attitude or Mental Outlook is everything.

What is the best, perfect attitude or mental outlook? To see things and people as they truly are, to see events as they truly happen, without any bias or prejudice and without the interference of the personal ego is the best attitude. To determine strongly within you to be happy at all costs, and not to let anything bother you no matter what your ego says is the best attitude. When life offers a sour lemon, to make delicious lemonade out of it is the best attitude.

Of course, ordinary human beings cannot always have such a perfect attitude. The ego is powerful and it will try every which way it can to make a person feel inadequate, diffident and miserable. However, people can cultivate a very good attitude.  They can teach themselves to have the right attitude towards whatever happens in the world  and live happily. How to do it? By Learning and Practice. They should learn from truly wise people and keep in touch with their genuine teachings, such as the guidance provided in this Channel. Then they should practice what they learnt every chance they get in day to day life. 

What is the good of such learning and practicing? Such Learning and Practicing earnestly, removes clutter and confusion from the mind, and produces calm, clarity and focus in it. It reduces the power of the ego and enhances strength in the mind. Then one sees things, people and events in the right perspective. Consequently, the same things that used to cause restless, hate, anger and unhappiness before, no longer bother you. In fact, they may even make you happy now. Instead of detesting others and even yourself, you may love others and feel really good about yourself. Instead of feeling unhappy about certain events in your life, you may see that it is for your own good, and as a blessing disguise. Instead of disliking and getting irritated by some people and their traits, you may at least be able to tolerate them, if not able to like or love them. And instead of being perturbed and unhappy by certain events that happen, you may be able to let them pass without creating a big dent in your life or affecting your peaceful flow of life.

Therefore, Attitude in the mind is the basis of one’s happiness or misery, failure or success, improvement or downfall in one’s life. You can rest assured that a Bad, Negative Attitude and Mental Outlook towards the world can never produce any happiness in your life. On the other hand, Having the Right Positive Attitude and Wise Mental Outllook can create self-confidence, self-respect, focus, mental strength and the ability to bear any disturbing event or calamity. Right Attitude can make your Life really successful, happy and peaceful. It is not just an Image,  it is Real.

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