Believe in YourSelf

Believe in YourSelf

Believe in YourSelf


Believe in YourSelf. The Strength and Courage you need is actually within YourSelf. All others will disappoint you sometime or other. Learn from others, but Believe in YourSelf.

Why should you believe in yourself? When you wake up and go about living your daily life, the only thing that you can be really sure about is your Being. You are always there. Even in sleep you exist, even though you are not aware of it. In dreams too, you are there, even though your body is idle and only your mind is working.

All other things keep changing. Things that make you happy one day, give you misery later. People whom you trusted and loved dearly, disappoint you. Most people you thought were totally reliable and dependable and loyal, and the objects you thought gave you happiness, turn out to be duds. They cease to make you happy or actually give you misery.

So you can now understand, that depending upon such changing people and things, does not do you any good. But what is the one thing that you can definitely depend upon for your happiness, mental strength and physical wellbeing? It is You. Your Mind. Your Inner Self. 

Therefore, believe in yourself! The Strength and Courage you need is actually within YourSelf. Any feeling is intangible. What you feel is yours. Only you can feel it.

But one thing you must know. Yes, it is true that sometimes others can help you immensely to be positive, and motivate you to rise up and be strong, to have the right thinking, to shed diffidence and develop confidence. Definitely, learn from others. Always Learn from wise ones who tell the truth. But Believe in YourSelf. Once you understand this, stick to this conviction.

Even when you get help from others, it is not the others who felt the help. It is you. They just woke up the strength and courage that is always within you. But the feeling is yours. Only you can feel it. Do you understand what the significance of this is?  It means that the feeling of strength, courage, self-confidence and self-respect was, and is always within you.

So once you learn this, always believe in yourself. You no longer need motivation from outside. Every time you think you are not good enough, every time you get scared, or every time you think that others are all better than yourself, remind yourself firmly, tell yourself firmly, “I am good enough! If they can be strong, so can I! I am here for a purpose of my own. I have energies within me to fulfill that purpose. I am strong and I can live a courageous, fulfilling life.”

So that is why I say to you, “Learn from others, but Believe in YourSelf!”


Believe in yourself


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