Don’t clash with Idiots

Don't clash with Idiots

Don’t clash with Idiots

Don’t clash with idiots. It is like hitting your head against a wall. It is absolutely useless and it will only hurt you.

There are a lot of smart people in this world. By all means, listen to them and follow their sane and wise advice. But don’t clash with idiots. Because clashing with idiots is like hitting a wall. You will only get hurt, physically and mentally. Recognize the Idiots among all the people, and avoid them like a deadly disease. 

There are many kinds of Idiots, just as there are many kinds of smart, wise people. How to recognize idiots ? 

Idiots are those who will not listen at all, but keep talking. And naturally they will not listen to reason. They cannot think rationally. As a result, they cannot accept rational thoughts, ideas and explanations. 

These people will never have an open mind to really understand what’s really happening and to come to an amicable solution. When a controversial situation or a dispute arises, they will keep saying what they feel like saying, without listening to others. If you say something, your words will enter one of their ears and exit out of the other without having any impact on their brain or mind.

You may venture to explain to them in detail about the situation many times, but you will never be able to convince them. Because they don’t want to be convinced. Because…they are idiots.

Some of these idiots will provoke a discussion, quarrel or fight just for the sake of it. Others may do it just to see how far they can irritate you, or to see how long it takes for you to lose your cool and retaliate. 

And the worst kind of idiots are those who claim that they are brilliant and that only they know what is right in society. They will quote from several texts that suit their own hate and selfishness. They will argue endlessly about their worthless cause. They are hate mongers, who are selfish and don’t really care about anyone. But they will use hate mongering ideologies to divide the people and create chaos. These people will chatter continuously, and will never give another person a chance to express their opinion or state their case.

Naturally, they will never listen to others who don’t agree with them totally. And, however knowledgeable you are, however right you are, however tempting it is for you to convince these idiots, please don’t clash with these idiots. Because, first of all, it is a waste of your time. And secondly, you may end up getting angry, frustrated and unhappy. You may end of losing your peace of mind which you work so hard to gain. You may end up getting hurt in more ways than one.

So, as a rule, don’t clash with idiots. Because there is absolutely no benefit from it for you.  It is totally useless. You don’t gain anything at all. On the other hand, you may get hurt. So as soon as you recognize a person to have the symptoms of endless, meaningless arguments and a fanatic attitude, immediately walk away from that person and that situation. 

Therefore, be Smart and Wise. Don’t clash with idiots. It is like hitting your head against a wall. It is absolutely useless and it will only hurt you.



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