Five simple ways to have a fresh mind

Five simple ways to have a fresh mind

Five simple ways to have a fresh mind


Most of the times in life, simple activities give great benefits.

Do these things, or at least some of the things, just a little a day. They will help you immensely to feel refreshed, calm and peaceful.

1. Exercise. Do aerobics. Do a little treadmill walking, or walk outside in the park or the beach.

2. Stretch. In my opinion, stretching your muscles is as important as aerobics or other exercises. A doctor told me this : while doing your stretching exercises, breathe in deeply, and then breathe out deeply.

3. Try simple breathing for 5 minutes. To start with, just close your eyes and watch your breathing – slow, gentle, calm breathing – the inhaling and the exhaling. Nothing strenuous. Simple breathing and watching.

4. Meditate. Either first thing in the morning, or before bed time, whichever is convenient to you. I prefer early morning, before the mind gets involved in worldly activities. Just close your eyes. Thoughts will start coming. As they come, try to see where they come from. Or ask in your mind silently, “To whom do these thoughts come?” The answer will me, “Me. I.” Then ask, “Who am I?” and try to find the source of the “I Am” feeling. This is called Self-Enquiry. Don’t worry if the mind wanders away from this. When you realize that you have wandered, get back to your Self-Enquiry. The mind will subside and you will get peace. You will feel the benefits gradually.

5. Keep in touch with Wisdom, with the Teachings and Guidance of Wise Ones and/or genuine Scriptures. There is nothing that can help you more in Life than Association with the Wise.

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