Sure way for mental strength and peace

Sure way for mental strength and peace

Sure way for mental strength and peace


Association with the Wise


I would like to say a little about the importance of association with Wise Ones for obtaining Mental Strength and Peace of Mind. These are not just words; they are my experience. The teachings of Sages will be very useful in our life.

We usually think, “everything is fine for us right now, there are no big worries, we are rather young and not old, so why should we know about the guidance of Enlightened Beings and spiritual matters now? Even if I need them, I will learn about them and know them when I need them. Why should I know them now?” We may think this way. Before this is answered, we should know a little bit about what Mind is, and what its activities are.

For the most part, whatever we do is by habit alone. Our thinking too is the same way. Our mental tendencies are deeply ingrained in us. We cannot just like that change it, whenever we want. As long as there are no big difficulties and problems, everything will seem fine. We don’t really need a lot of strength in our minds for all this.

One important point has to be mentioned here. However much physical strength we need, we need mental strength many times more. When will we realize this? As long as there are no catastrophies, terrible events, diseases or the death of a loved one, we will not feel like thinking about spiritual matters and the guidance of Wise Ones.

But we must always remember one thing : there is no guarantee for anything in life. Anything can suddenly happen. We may think that whatever bad things happen to other people, they will never happen to us, everything will be always fine for us. But the truth is, anything can happen to anyone at any time.

By God’s Grace, nothing bad should happen to any of us. However, what is there in the future for us, what is going to happen, we just don’t know. Due to the play of fate or destiny, if something really terrible happens to us, we cannot immediately get mental strength at that time.

Some people may be naturally equipped with mental strength and they may be able to withstand and tolerate big difficulties and troubles quite well. But generally, for most of us, this is not easy. When suddenly, unexpectedly, something bad happens, we cannot make the mind strong right away. That may affect our mind in a very bad way. Unable to bear the sad or sorrowful event, we may become extremely distressed and may not know what to do. In order to handle and bear the blow, we may resort to certain things and ways that are not good for us. These may seem to help us temporarily, but their benefits will not last. Besides, their side effects and resulting health problems are horrible.

At this point, I would like to mention the importance of keeping touch with Wisdom and its guidance. Who are these Great Souls who can help us when we have turmoils in our life? The Wise Ones that I am talking about are not ordinary people. They are themselves abiding in perfect peace. And since they abide as the Real Inner Self, they have the powder to transmit their peace and tranquillity to others who seek them.

Their words are not just lectures or empty, hollow words. The power of the Eternal Spirit is in them, and we can certainly obtain that by contemplating on their words, thinking about them and mentally contacting their pure minds.

Even when we don’t have any great troubles, blows and sorrows in our lives, if we keep in touch with the teachings of these great Wise Ones, we will gradually obtain mental fortitude. We will develop the power and ability to withstand and fight anything bad that might happen, and at the time we need them.

Troubles that seem like a mountain, will seem like a mole hill, and they will pass lightly and easily. Even if we are fortunate not to face big problems, we will feel an inexplicable happiness and peace of mind in our lives, by mentally keeping in touch with these Great Souls.

A Wise One’s greatness is determined by two major factors. First, such a Sage should treat everyone equally. Secondly, when we are in their presence, we should feel peace of mind. By presence, physical presence is not meant. Mental contact alone is important, and it will produce beneficial results for our welfare and wellbeing.

To summarize, I would like to say this. We can live our lives the way we want. But we should be wise and smart and keep in touch with those who are peaceful themselves and abide in peace. These great ones don’t care for wealth, fame, power or material pleasures. They live in Love and Kindness and offer them to others who seek them.

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