Mind and Self

Mind and Self

Mind and Self

Mind is everything.
It’s all in the Mind. The Mind can be the enemy or the friend. It is up to us to use it to our benefit, welfare, happiness and peace of mind. 

There is a purpose. Each one of us has been created in this world for a Purpose. It will be fulfilled whether we willingly go along with it, or retaliate and rebel against it. However, the great blessing is that we have been given the Mind, the wondrous power, to help us during this process of our lifetime. We should use the mind skillfully and wisely to learn to live a fulfilled, content, happy and peaceful life instead of getting demoralized, depressed and devastated. We should help ourselves to make our life journey, our purpose to be fulfilled, in a gentle, smooth manner like a breeze, instead of a jerky, rough manner like a storm. 

We are smart. But the ego or mind does not always let us be wise too. This is where “Learning” or “Knowledge” or “Wisdom” becomes very important. The Self is always a happy one. It is the untrained mind that makes us unhappy. If we train it and guide it with wisdom, it will let us live a satisfactory, joyful life.

But Learning alone won’t do. Most people stop with Learning. They don’t pay much attention to Practice. They both must go side by side, hand in hand. If we do this, we will master our mind and become strong to tackle the world every day with courage, confidence and optimism.

Cheer Up! Be Positive! You are not alone!





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