We should not compare ourselves with others

We should not compare ourselves with others

We should not compare ourselves with others

No comparison with others

Each one is unique


In life, there will always be someone who are better off than ourselves in different ways, at different times, at different places. And some will be worse off than us. So it is really not useful nor sensible to compare ourselves with others. 

Each one of us is unique. Each one of us has a unique personality and a unique purpose in life. We have to live our lives according to our own destiny and purpose, not someone else’s. The Bhagavad Geeta, Chapter 3, Verse 35 says: “Better is one’s own duty even without merit, than the duty of another well discharged…the duty of another is fraught with fear.”

Basically, it means that we should perform our ordained duty, however simple it may seem; and we should not try to pursue someone else’s activities, however grand it may seem. It naturally follows that we should not compare ourselves with others, because not only is it foolish and useless, but it is also really not necessary for our success, happiness or to lead a fulfilled life. 

Therefore, we should never compare ourselves with others. Each one’s destiny fulfills itself. Either we can live in harmony with this fact and lead a happy life, or clash with it and encounter troubles and unhappiness. We should remind ourselves constantly, “I am unique and I am in this world for my unique purpose. It has nothing to do with others. The success of others is not my failure. I am fully adequate. I will do my duty and not worry about the results. I will be happy at all costs.

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