We should not compare ourselves with others

We should not compare ourselves with others

We should not compare ourselves with others

No comparison with others

Each one is unique


In life, there will always be someone who are better off than ourselves in different ways, at different times, at different places. And some will be worse off than us. So it is really not useful nor sensible to compare ourselves with others. 

Each one of us is unique. Each one of us has a unique personality and a unique purpose in life. We have to live our lives according to our way and purpose, not someone else’s. 

Basically, it means that we should perform our duties and live our lives, however simple it may seem; and we should not try to pursue someone else’s activities, however grand it may seem. Comparing ourselves with others is foolish and irrational. What happens to other people does not really have anything to do with our success or happiness.

In fact, by comparing ourselves with others, we make ourselves miserable for no reason. Therefore, either we can live in harmony, being happy with our own good qualities, capabilities and talents, or we can feel bad about not having the accomplishments other people seem to have.

We should remind ourselves constantly, “I am unique and I am in this world for my unique purpose. It has nothing to do with others. The success of others is not my failure. I am fully adequate. I should be happy with myself and I should be happy at all costs.

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