Everything is fine

Everything is fine

Everything is fine

Everything is fine, as it happens, whether you like it or not. Whenever the mind tells you otherwise and complains, be firm, and tell it to take a hike.

The way we think, sooner or later becomes a habitual pattern. When we blindly follow and attend to every thought that appears in our mind, and react to it the same way, it is a habitual pattern. When a thought appears, we don’t usually question and enquire whether it needs to be taken seriously or whether it should be ignored. Typically, we are not rational but deal with situations and people with our self-induced emotions.

We are accustomed to taking every thought seriously and deciding to act on it. However, the actions happen as they are meant to happen. We did not know yesterday what was going to happen today. When things happen, sometimes they coincide with our wishes, sometimes they don’t. We should be happy when happenings of life coincide with our desires. But when they don’t coincide with our desires, we should understand that all things need not happen according to our desires. It may even be good for us. This is being smart and being wise. This is equanimity and this is the only way we can be happy while tackling life’s events, whether a teenager or an adult.

We have pre-determined notions about which things, people and happenings are unpleasant and unacceptable, and which are pleasant and acceptable. But what if they are wrong? Even if they are unpleasant for the time being, isn’t there a chance that they could turn out to be good and pleasant for us later? If we are so sure about everything, then why do we hate those whom we loved earlier?

We are powerless to change the past, we are unable to deal with the troubles of the present or change what is happening, and it is absolutely impossible to know for sure what is going to happen the very next second in our life. Then why should do we think that we know what’s the right thing to happen for us?

Happiness does not mean guaranteed success and fulfillment of our desires. Happiness means to be happy in spite of whatever happens in life. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. To see things in the right perspective and accept whatever happens with dignity is happiness. We need to see the bad to appreciate the good.

We can learn how to deal with our thoughts and actions by associating with wise people, by pondering over their positive but pragmatic advice and avoiding bad company. Most of all, we need to think deeply about why we are unhappy. We will find that we are the sole cause of either our happiness or our misery. It is our mental attitude towards life that matters. Nothing else. It is that simple.

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