Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation



The Truth is that all our thoughts and deeds are to achieve one thing : Happiness. We want to be calm, happy and peaceful. Nobody does anything in order to be restless and unhappy. The problem is that we go about seeking it in wrong and irrational ways. We get involved in all sorts of activities and paths thinking that they will produce happiness, but they just increase our mental clutter and create restlessness. We always think and worry about the results, instead of enjoying the activity itself. 

We create a Monster

The reason for all of this is what is called the Ego or the Mind. It creates thoughts, imagines, fantasizes and gives us a wrong perspective of the happenings in our lives. When we let it loose, and let it have its own way, at some point we end up creating a Monster which has gone out of our control.  

We have to get back Home

Due to whatever reason, when we are fortunate and realize this, we seek methods to regain control of the Mind and find ways to get Real Happiness and lead a Fulfilled Life.

And one of the surest ways to make this happen is Meditation. Because it had to do with cleaning up the Mind, un-cluttering it and creating focus and concentration.

Benefits of Meditation

Here we will summarize the basic benefits of Meditation.

 1)  We become mentally strong so that no one can easily control us.
 2)  Physical and mental health and wellbeing improve.
 3)  We look more beautiful both on the inside and outside.
 4)  We don’t get ruffled easily.
 5)  We see things in life in the right perspective.
 6)  We become more efficient and capable in doing our work, because we do it without worrying about the results.
 7)  Our attitude in life becomes positive and cheerful.
 8)  We become good, kind, forgiving, loving and likeable people.
 9) We become socially more acceptable and popular. Relationships improve and become more meaningful.
10) We become happier and more peaceful, as we practice more and more Meditation.  There is an overall, inexplicable peacefulness and calmness.
11) When illnesses or other calamities happen, they don’t affect us as badly as they would have without Meditation. We are able to handle, manage and endure them better. They pass like a dream without making a deep or permanent dent in our lives.
12) And we do and obtain all these on our own will power, without the addiction of Alhocol, Drugs etc.

So, it is suffice to say that Meditation is Very Good for us.  In addition to that, there are no restrictions of age, sex or religion for Meditation. Also, we can practice it any time, anywhere. We can practice as a group or alone, even though to be alone while meditating is preferable. But as an incentive, as a beginner, if we cannot do it alone, we can start doing it with another person or a group. Especially when we follow the accessory practices that prepare us for meditation, such as Chanting, Devotional Singing etc.

Like anything else, Meditation may appear difficult and unnatural in the beginning, but as we gradually practice more and more, we will find that it is the most beneficial and natural way of feeling genuinely happy.


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