Monthly Archive: March 2018

No-Brainer 0


No-Brainer   A rather simple-minded girl tells her friend. Girl : My friend Linda is visiting! Remember, I told you about the girl in school who was a loser and going nowhere… Friend: Oh!...

Unfair loan refusal 0

Unfair loan refusal

Unfair loan refusal   Lady 1: I went to so many banks asking for a loan. They all refused, even though I had several excellent references. Lady 2: I don’t understand. Why did they...

Payment for no ailment 0

Payment for no Ailment

Payment for no Ailment Man goes to the Doctor for a checkup, comes back and looks sad. Wife: Why do you look so sad? What did they tell you? Man: I paid a big...

Which husband 0

Which husband?

Which husband? Two Ladies are chatting. Lady 1: Did you know that our neighbor’s husband flew away with another woman? Lady 2: That’s his wife’s fault. Lady 1: Why ? Did she drive him...

Cavemen Football 0

Cavemen Football

Cavemen Football Lady 1: What were men doing before Football was shown on TV?  Lady 2: They were listening to the games on the Radio. Lady 1: What were they doing before Radio? Lady...

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