Monthly Archive: March 2018

Rushing and Planning too much 0

Rushing and planning too much

Rushing and planning too much     Rushing and planning too much for everything makes us restless and agitated. What happens does not change because of our furious thinking. Instead, make the right effort...

Equally Strict Boss 0

Equally Strict Boss

Equally Strict Boss   Two employees come to ask the Boss for a salary raise. Boss is talking to someone on the phone : ‘You are always complaining about something. You think that everything...

No-Brainer 0


No-Brainer   A rather simple-minded girl tells her friend. Girl : My friend Linda is visiting! Remember, I told you about the girl in school who was a loser and going nowhere… Friend: Oh!...

Unfair loan refusal 0

Unfair loan refusal

Unfair loan refusal   Lady 1: I went to so many banks asking for a loan. They all refused, even though I had several excellent references. Lady 2: I don’t understand. Why did they...

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